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We Offer Flexible Solutions


We offer the best skilled nursing, rehab and social work, mental health clinicians to your patients. 

 Electronic Medical Record

We utilize our own EMR (Kinnser/Wellsky) so your agency as an external user has 24 hour access to all patient documentation.

You have an added layer of transparency and efficiency reducing paper work and storage.

 Forget the hassle of lost paperwork, late submissions, which are often inaccurate and difficult to read and poor security and HIPAA compliance.

 All notes are signed and date and time stamped for accuracy, reviewed and audited by highly experienced nursing and rehab clinical managers to meet conditions of participation before submission to your agency hence reducing denial claims.


Are you a Residential Service Agency Level 3 start-up, seeking to get licensed to provide P.R.P or Behavioral Health Services? We provide one time start-up/consulting services and tiered supervisory services.

Dedicated Scheduler

We have a dedicated scheduler who maintains close communication with your front office to schedule authorized visits to our clinicians.

Our front office coordinates and collaborates with yours to ensure timely initiation.


We provide in-service training to your staff to help improve therapeutic alliance and customer service.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • We vet our clinicians to ensure they are the right fit . You are guaranteed highly skilled, professional clinicians.
  • Our brand recognition and reviews show that we bring value to any organization we partner with.
  • We cover a large geographic region and have clinicians in typically hard to staff areas.
  • Access 24 hours a day to our electronic medical record system
  • Affordable pricing that saves your agency on overhead/wage expenses.

Talented people are TOUGH to find,

but they are at the CORE of your successful business.

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